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Binocular Vision Dysfunction: An Unsuspected but Treatable Cause of Persistent Post-Concussive Symptoms

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Dr. Randall Benson, M.D.
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Dr. Randall Benson, M.D.'s Profile

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Medical Director

Center for Neurological Studies “CNS”

Randall Benson is a globally regarded behavioral neurologist and imaging neuroscientist who is recognized for his advances in the diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders. During fellowship at Mass General Hospital, in the 1990s, he pioneered the use of fMRI to map language in neurosurgical patients with tumors and epilepsy. Then, while faculty at Wayne State University in the 2000s, his research, using electrical and magnetic stimulation of the brain in hemiparetic and aphasic stroke, demonstrated proof of concept for the ability to induce neuroplasticity. More recently, Dr. Benson’s clinical practice and research has focused on more precise diagnosis in head injured patients, leveraging newer functional neuroimaging, neurosensory and pituitary evaluations, culminating in more effective treatments and improved outcomes in patients. Dr. Benson’s research and clinical practice through the Center for Integrated Neurology and the Center for Neurological Studies are strongly focused on disorders of the brain and cognition. Dr. Benson’s commitment to finding novel ways to enhance recovery of function after stroke led to multiple foundation and industry-sponsored investigations into the use of targeted electrical/magnetic stimulation of the brain in motor and language impairment following stroke. Dr. Benson’s research on brain disorders is high impact and cutting edge.


For more information on the Center for Neurological Studies please visit: or call 313-228-0930. For more information on the Center for Integrated Neurology please visit: or call 248-277-3334.

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