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Mr. Jeremy Babener Esq., J.D.

Special Tax Counsel

Lane Powell PC

Jeremy Babener is a nationally recognized tax attorney who focuses his practice on lawsuit awards, settlements, and complex structures. He serves as Special Tax Counsel at law firm Lane Powell and chairs the Legal Committee of the Society of Settlement Planners. He is the founder of Structured Consulting, which offers business advice to a wide range of companies, including those serving plaintiffs, general investors, and retail customers.

Jeremy previously served full time in Lane Powell’s Tax Group and later as vice-president to firm client Multistream Capital, a financial company selling customized income stream investments. He previously served as a fellow in the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Tax Policy, focusing on partnership tax issues including non-compensatory partnership options and debt-equity exchanges.

He is a co-author of the Trial Lawyer Protection Packet, which helps personal injury lawyers address their ethical duty to clients regarding risks in tax, finance, and government benefits. You can read more about the Protection Packet at

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How to Outsource Legal Work, Ethically

Mr. Jeremy Babener, Esq., J.D. |  Patrice Asimakis, J.D., Esq. |  Mary Ellen Murrah
1 Hour 8 Minutes
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